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CIMS was established in 2007 by Jackie Bettington to energise, inspire and assist organisations with realising more value from their information and knowledge assets.

Independence and Integrity

We have a strong understanding of systems but we are not aligned with any third parties or specific products.


We are Cims

A company with a strong reputation for delivering timely, high quality and practical services
Why choose Us?

Why Choose Us.Our proven history.

The vast majority of our clients (95%) have re-engaged us to do further work. Our clients cover all sectors and a diverse range of industries.

Why choose Us?

Our Integrity.High quality and practical services.

We view technology as an enabler and pride ourselves in our independence and integrity. We have a strong understanding of systems but we are not aligned with any third parties or specific products. We only recommend what is best for your organisation. We do not receive any royalties, commissions or other incentives.

Why choose Us?

What We Do.Provide excellent service.

Corporate Information Management Services (CIMS) specialises in assisting organisations to better manage their archives, records and information. We offer consulting, assesment and auditing and training services to organisations in all sectors and specialise in public sector and high regulated industries

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Consultancy Services

Overview of our areas of expertise

Deliver Products.

CIMS will design, develop and deliver information management products. This approach enables the efficient delivery of conventional information management tools and documents based on standards of best practice and compliance requirements. It allows clients to focus on doing their business while our experts get on with what we know best – information and process management. This approach is often favoured by public sector organisations or organisations without a dedicated information management capability.

Lead Act.

CIMS will provide project and program management services and lead teams to produce specific outputs or outcomes. This approach enables direct knowledge transfer between CIMS consultants and client personnel. It also fosters a more collaborative approach to achieving business results. This approach is often preferred by clients lacking adequate levels of information management capability to implement a specific project or program.

Coach Guide.

CIMS recognises that some organisations have an information management capability but they need additional expertise to help coach, mentor and guide personnel on some of the more challenging aspects of their role. CIMS offers flexible coaching and mentoring services for personnel and ad hoc advisory services to organisations. These may be provided regularly or as required over a set period of time. These services foster client independence in the longer term and build up internal information management capabilities. Our packages from 8 hours and may be serviced via phone, email or in-person. This approach suits all organisations and simply provides information management expertise ‘on-call’.

Challenge Inovate.

At times there does not seem to be a solution to the information management challenges faced by an organisation. Often, organisations have attempted to resolve such challenges using the conventional approaches advocated in standards of best practice. Alternatively they may have experienced mixed or limited success in adapting an approach that has been worked elsewhere. Consequently, the organisation may be feeling ‘change fatigue’ and at a wit’s end as much money and energy has been invested with few returns. Left unresolved, such problems may significantly drain the organisation’s time, energy and resources and adversely impact on the delivery of the organisation’s core products and services. ‘Thinking beyond outside the square’ is the key to breaking such a deadlock.

Assessments And Audits

CIMS provides general and customised assessment and audit services in range of information, records and archives management areas. We provide these services on an organisational, sector or industry-wide scale. Our consultants are highly experienced conducting assessments and audits for compliance, conformance and performance management purposes.

Our Services Include:

  • Research and design of assessment frameworks
  • Undertaking independents audits, assessments and evaluations
  • Benchmarking
  • Preparation of audit, assessment and evaluation reports
  • Business improvement planning


We are pleased to offer both online and face-to-face services to clients using our generic assessment and audit tools based on industry standards such as ISO 15489 Records Management and ISO 9000. We also offer maturity modeling and assessment frameworks for those more interested in ensuring their approach to information management suits their business context and goals.

Training Services

CIMS develops and delivers a number of public training courses, some of which is in partnership with other organisations. We also develop and deliver in-house training courses for our clients.

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